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The Main Office 

For any questions or concerns regarding Zavala County Courthouse, please contact us.  Submit your questions or concerns below.

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The Office of Records

For any questions or concerns regarding Land Deeds, Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates, or Death Certificates, please feel free to contact us by submitting your questions or concerns below.

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Utilities Office

For any questions or concerns about county water bill, county trash collection, Landfill hours or directions, please submit your questions or concerns below.

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Texas Government Code 552.002(a) defined "public information" as information that is written, produced, collected, assembled, or maintained under a law or ordinance or in connection with the transaction of official business by a governmental body, or for a governmental body if the government body owns the information or has a right of access to it.


How to Request Public Information

Your request must be in writing and addressed to Open Records. Only written requests trigger a governmental body's obligations to the Public Information Act. Requests made by mail or electronic mail must be addressed to Open Records in order to trigger and obligation under the Texas Public Information Act.

  • Provide your full name and contact information including email/or fax (if available)
  • Provide a heading for your correspondence that reads "Public Information Request"
  • Provide a detailed, precise description of the nature and scope of information you are seeking
  • Requests should be for documents or other information that is already in existence.

Requests can be submitted by email or mail to the addresses below:


Mail: Attention: Open Records

200 E Uvalde St. Ste 9

Crystal City, Texas 78839




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